Earn rewards by referring Upward Spiral

Recommend Upward Spiral to your network, and we’ll reward you for the new users.

<h1> How it works </h1>

|(1) Refer | (2) Find work | (3) Earn | |------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | Refer the platform to friends in your network. | Job seekers find work through the Upward Spiral platform. | Get a cash reward for the eligible users you refer. |

Upward Spiral is a job seeker platform. Our mission is to help 1-million cyber professionals find a role that resonates with them. Earn for every new Upward Spiral referral who gets a new job or hires! Australian rates:

  • Every successful job-seeker referral: AUD $500.00
  • Every recruit hired by an employer referral: 10% of every placement commission up to AUD $20,000 per year per business referred

For example:

  • Payouts per new job seeker referral: if you refer 10 new job seekers and 8 of them find their next job, you get paid for all 8 users: AUD $500 x 8 = $4,000.
  • Payouts per new employer referral: if you refer 1 new employer account and they recruit 10 users through the platform, you get paid for all 10 recruits. If the recruits are all paid AUD $100,000 you will receive 10% of our commission fee (10%): 10 x ($10,000 x .1) = $10,000. Earn up to $20,000 per business referred per year.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I join the Upward Spiral referral program?

The referral program is designed to accelerate Upward Spiral’s mission of helping 1-million cyber professionals find a role that resonates with them.

Joining the referral program allows you to help address the cyber skills shortage while receiving generous rewards for your efforts.

How much will I earn for each referral eligible for payout?

You’ll receive a cash payout for every new eligible user that you refer to Upward Spiral.

You will be rewarded based on the number of referrals and the number of recruits per employer. For example, if you refer one employer account that recruits ten employees you will be rewarded for all ten recruits for a portion of their annual salary.

How does it work?

One of our advisors on-boards every job seeker or employer to the platform. During the on-boarding we ask how they heard about us.

If they share your name we’ll reward you.

If they don’t and you can prove you referred them - email or other - we’ll reward you.

Adviser Jack 11/18/2021